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Why I’ve Been Sick, or, Contaminated Water and Why it Sucks

So, I mentioned to my mother that I thought that I might be developing an allergy to dairy because my stomach has been gnarly on-and-off since I left Tanzania. I had some sort of treatment when I got to SA, but it didn’t really seem to work, and I was upset my stomach issue had come back. Being the thoughtful type, mom suggested that it might be a water-borne illness (warning: it’s nasty). After speaking to a doctor, it could also be e. coli, but since it has been a month, and the fact I don’t eat meat, I’m leaning toward the water-borne giardia. Sean mentioned picking up some Cipro in Nairobi – I have some left over from my RTW and am going to give it a shot. (Side note: Anyone else from the Kili trip feeling out of sorts? I realize most normal humans would have gone back to the doctor a second time by now, but I really did just blame it on Africa, and since I’m still here, well……)


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  1. R C Bailey says:

    Ms. Ries – ran into your mom at Target tonight (I know, not exactly the makings of gripping news….) & thought I’d send a note your way. Groove on. Do your math homework.

  2. Courtney says:

    Always Mr. Bailey, always 🙂 Actually, I’ve had to do more of it with the whole converting rands/dollars/shillings/euros thing than I have in awhile!

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