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Cycling to Multnomah Falls

For my frantic week, sometimes there is nothing to do but match it with a frantic weekend – or, at least, a frantic Saturday!

Saturday ended up being an amazing ride – what began as a proposed ride with Charlie turned into a group of 12 other people after it was all said and done – Allison, Erica, Sarah, Heather, Mike, Jesse, Kevin, John, Charlie, Steve, Jeff, Rob and me. We rode up from different places and then met up at the 205 bridge on Marine Drive for the ride out. There was some breaking off at random points, but the group more or less stayed together and people got a pretty good workout.

Despite the fact half the group was on tri bikes, there was only one crash. Heather rubbed wheels and went down, but it was when we were just getting going, at like 8 miles per hour. She’s got a raspberry on her butt, but besides that she says she’s ok.

Court and Erica at WVCAfter the 80 miler (4.5 hours on the bike – that’s how fast you can go when you’re drafting on a big group like that!) Charlie and I did a 10-minute transition run, which hurt less than I expected to. That night, we saw most of the group again, plus some, at Erica and Rob’s engagement party. Although I didn’t take any pics, I did find this one of me and Erica from the WVC.

Sunday was a two hour run with Charlie – definitely my longest run in almost a year! It hurt, BUT we did it. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it more come race time!

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