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Wants vs. Needs

When I first started working, I used to think of purchases in terms of hours. As in, “this shirt will cost me 4.5 hours of folding underwear, dealing with bitchy people and a Saturday afternoon.”

Although that sense of dollar-per-hour responsibility soon faded, I still think of big ticket purchases in terms of other things…usually other, larger priced items. I must admit, these tend to be either travel or, as of late, athletic related. For example, a new bike, or airfare to Cape Town. Rarely is it a more practical debate, such as new tires for my car versus vs. investing in stocks. And if you pit up something like money for my IRA against the way more fun air tickets to Africa, it isn’t even a contest.

Am I crazy for doing this? A recent study showed that most young adults don’t know squat about money management and economics.

I don’t think I’m “reckless” when it comes to money, but when you look at things in terms of plane tickets and bicycles, I sometimes have to wonder…


One response to “Wants vs. Needs”

  1. Mary says:

    “Am I crazy for doing this?” Not at all. It’s about priorities. You spend money on what’s important to you. The rest, well… If you’re doing what you REALLY want to do, then not having enough money for other things becomes nonessential. All about choice and the repercussions of that choice.

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