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Travel Karma in Ljubljana, Slovenia

I am a firm believer in Travel Karma. Actually, I am a believer in Karma all around, but there is nothing to prove it to me more than when I am on the road.

Most recent case in point? In Venice, as Charlie and I were grabbing lunch an hour before our train departed, we chatted to a guy from Texas who had just arrived. We had some really nice transport passes that we had only used the hour before and they were valid for 3 days, and some pay-for maps. He was very appreciative to receive both, and any advice we had on the city.

Fast forward to two nights ago.
Charlie and I are having this awesome dinner at a traditional Slovene restaurant, drinking their own honey brew (awesome! We tried to bring some back, but it is unpasturized and must be refridgerated at all times!) and there was a guy behind us eating alone. We asked him to join us and chatted for at least an hour. Richard is a So Cal VP for a company that makes inline skate wheels and was in Italy visiting a factory and decided to come over for the weekend. We mentioned our plans for tomorrow were going to a cave outside of the city and he said that it sounded like a good idea to him and would we like a ride (I think we reminded him of his kids, who we were a few years older than)?

Not only did he give us a ride, he also paid for our admission into the caves and castle in a cave (20 euro a person) and told us awesome stories of his travel hey days in the old Soviet bloc 25 years ago. When Charlie and I returned (he headed onto Italy), we checked into our different hostel, the one that was a former prison and we had totally lucked out in getting a room (note, do NOT stay at the Park Hotel or Hostel, will write more about that later). Not only was it a room, it was the one Lonely Planet had recommended for its round bed. It was definitely worth the 50 euros and an awesome experience…I have lots of pictures.

I have only an hour before our train leaves, so I need to head out, but will write more soon. Its off to Zagreb for the day and a night train to Sarajevo, if all goes well.

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