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The Graduation of the Brother

The Siblings at Chad's GraduationIt’s always odd to return to someplace you have a lot of memories – like, in this case, high school.

Chad graduated from high school last Friday, along with 500+ other students. Due to the threat of rain, my sister had to swipe some extra tickets to get us in, but at least we got to suffer…er..enjoy the hour-long roll call like my parents.

Afterwards, I showed off my high school television studio The Flash, were I spent countless hours as a journalist-in-training. They’ve done some really cool things since I was in the inaugural class. Chad really enjoyed his time in the show as well, and earned an ‘all state journalism’ award. Huh. Who knew that existed?

So, do you think we look like siblings?


One response to “The Graduation of the Brother”

  1. Donovan says:

    Your sister looks like Demi Moorce

  2. Donovan says:

    Moore – not Moorce.

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