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The Extended Flight Home: AKA, LOT Polish Airways Sucks

Greetings from….CHICAGO!

If, like myself, you are wondering what the hell I am doing in Chicago, do not dispair, there is an answer: LOT Polish Airways.

Short version for now because I am seeing double and need to sleep:

I was told the flight was overbooked to Chicago, so I would be flying in first class, as there were plenty of seats. I would get a standby ticket for now and then had to check in before the flight. Easy enough. I wandered away, pleased at the thought.

At the gate, go up as soon as an attendent arrives and overhear her telling the couple up front – one with a seat, one not – that there is no room. I wander up and give them my ticket, ignoring glares from other passengers. ‘Oh, you’re not getting on this flight either.’ I’m not? Unlike the States, there is no, ‘any volunteers?’, it is just ‘no seat’.

However, us aggravated people were put on the next flight at noon the following day, my connection was rebooked, and they paid for the surprisingly posh and pricey Courtyard by Mariott 100 m. from the terminal, with lunch and dinner taken care of at the very good, if super slow, restaurant.

This morning, all those with e-tickets found themselves not rebooked and had the joy of doing it themselves at the reservations counter (fantastic!) and, not unsurprisingly, despite my three requests and assurances that yes, there was a vegetarian meal, I was without one (as was my new Polish friend and fellow bumpee vegetarian, Lidia).

Starving and sick of duty-free chocolate, our late flight has a beautiful view of my alma matter, Northwestern, the B’hai temple and the city skyline. It arrived at Chicago with a little over one hour for me to change flights. I sprinted, got through passport control….and waited more than 25 minutes for my bags. Sure enough, I missed the bag check in for my connecting flight to Portland by 5 minutes.

I was presented with other, less appealing options that included lots of wait time or another flight change in Denver, or a flight on Tuesday. I decided to take my chances on Halloween and called my aunt and uncle for a ride, realizing not long after I left that they gave me a bording pass for a totally different person (hmmm?????).

My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Howie, the source of many, many airport pickups for me during my time in Chicago and now my sister, Abby, were wonderful and even have a bed for me to sleep in. I won’t be able to see Abby, unfortunately, which means she just has to wait for her gifts (ha!).

If all goes well, I should arrive in Portland by 1 tomorrow. I miss Charlie and am excited to see him and our new place and dive back into BootsnAll with three days of planning out at theFarm and then unpacking boxes this weekend, so sorry if I am a little slow with my final trip updates.

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2 responses to “The Extended Flight Home: AKA, LOT Polish Airways Sucks”

  1. abby says:

    well you have to wait for your wallet so ha!

  2. Slip says:

    What an epic trip….I can’t believe its over.

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