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The Death of Chivalry?

The opinions section of the paper is one of my favorite (right up there with Ask Amy, Dear Abby and the like), which is probably why I enjoy the blogsphere so’s just full of opinions (some more well supported than others). Often times, writers make me think of things that generally wouldn’t have entered my subconscious…such as the debate on chivalry.

All too often, women no longer honor chivalry, and men no longer give up their seats.

I appreciate someone holding open a door when I’m walking into the gym, yet get fussy when my boyfriend tries to carry too many of the grocery bags. Guess I’m just as confused as everyone else about the chivalry, feminism and general helpfulness trifecta. Are you?

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-1 responses to “The Death of Chivalry?”

  1. Jessie says:

    I sort of subscribe to the “whoever gets there first” idea – if I get to the door first and am holding it open, it annoys me when a guy coming up behind me then tries to hold it open so I’ll go through first. But if he gets there first, sure – I think it’s just generally polite to hold the door for someone coming up behind you, regardless of either person’s gender.

  2. Mary says:

    Good point, Jessie. Also, I sense the joy some men have in simply being chivalrous – both young and not so young – why take that away? Culture, upbringing, courtesy – all play a part here.

    And in Italy, when my butt was pinched by this speeding Italian cyclist, I had to swallow my distaste and when I did, I had a good laugh because I swore “it” would not happen to me!

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