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Sports Heroes and Childhood Idolatry: Kirby Puckett

Those of you who have known me for a long time might recall that I was something of a sports nut. I loved ’em – so much so that I even wanted to be a sports reporter for a significant chunk of my childhood.

In 1994, MLB went on strike. At the age of 12, I lost my passion for baseball and my Minnesota Twins. I moved onto other sports and now, while I’m still up for a live game or two, I largely ignore baseball scores and reports on television.
However, as a Minnesotan, I feel a twinge of sadness about the death of Kirby Puckett. When I was younger, there was no one Minnesota loved more than the Puck – something you can read across the blogosphere today. The best editorial I’ve found so far is on SI.
There’s not much for me to comment on – his greatness or his public downfall – that others have not already mentioned. But, I would like to say that regardless of how history remembers him, he was a great thing for Minnesota baseball and every kid that ever wanted to ‘touch ’em all’.


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