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Return to the Beginning: Last 24-hours in Warsaw, Poland

It’s hard to believe, but I am on my last 24 hours in Europe.

This morning I went to the salt mines outside of Krakow, also on my own. I actually do not recommend them if you have limited time – it is far better to see the city and the concentration camps then the expensive salt mines, also with very large crowds, which makes it difficult to hear your guide.

After I made it back into the city, I met up with Agata. My friend and old roommate, Allison, met Agata two years ago when she was traveling in Greece for the Olympics.

Agata is this awesome traveler with great stories and was so helpful and kind, taking me all over the city and even getting me the under-26 discount ticket at the train station 🙂 We spent a few hours walking around the castle and the old Jewish quarter, which is now the up-and-coming place to be…think Pearl District, Portlandites. I hope she comes to Portland so I can repay the favor and I was sorry (again) that I was not staying longer in the city.

On the train, I got a seat, but it was in smoking. In the next cabin over were the only two other Americans and backpackers I saw on the train. We spent the entire 3 hour ride standing in the aisle, talking and avoiding the smoke. It was a couple in their 20s from upstate New York, visiting his family. Erik was interviewing his grandfather for an oral history project for his senior thesis – his grandfather was a partisan fighter and he wants to record his stories. I think it sounds facinating and would love to see it.

At Warsaw, my initial impressions made me wary – lots of cops and warnings about pickpocketers. I arrived at my hostel, Orange Hostel, without incident and although it is expensive for a hostel (although not for this city), I am pleased to be ready to relax and maybe find a decent place to eat on my last night.

I leave tomorrow for Chicago and then on Monday morning head back to Portland, so for all those that have been reading my adventures, I am sorry the more exotic-sounding ones have passed. However, I have lots of info on lots of these countries that I have not written about, so if you’re interested, just let me know. Hopefully, I will be able to write down more articles in the future as well.

As a final note, if you want to see some pictures from my trip, especially Oktoberfest ones, here are the ones Charlie took. Two favorites: self shot and the frog prince.

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  1. Chad says:

    Courtney. I miss you. you better have some good stuff for me when you get back. ps. how’d you finance all these trips in college? you had to pay a lot more than i did and im already broke…

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