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Pictures I Wish I Could Have Taken: Kenya to Tanzania Overland

On the shuttle bus, with things flying by at 60 miles per hour, it’s hard to get your camera out in time to take a picture. However, on a bus going 60 miles per hour, there’s nothing else to do but look out the window. Some picture-worthy spottings:

A Masai man riding a bicycle
My first antelope sighting
Slums of Nairobi
Dead zebra on the side of the road
Boys in rags, laying on their stomachs on the side of the road, playing with their cell phone
People sitting on the steps of shanty houses, MOW and DEMOLISH spray painted on the side of their homes
A boy hanging off the back of a truck, wearing a Minnesota Vikings jersey (#52)
Bicycle shop with two battered frames hanging outside
Random sprouting duststorms
Young boys playing karate with sticks

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