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Phone Number in Cape Town

I’ve got a mobile number – signal is kinda hit or miss, so you might be better off catching me where I’m staying – 021 438 9585.

Mobile is 0844652254. South Africa’s country code is 27, so if you’re calling from the States, it’s probably something like….011 27 844652254. But I can’t promise anything, I tend to forget how to do it.


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  1. judi/mom says:

    So glad I got to talk to you, am also glad I was the first one. Its 7 am here and 2 pm there, so I will probably try to call early am, unless there are better times. I will call your mom later — much later– to advise we did speak. I am glad that we have been able to ‘connect’ even if its half a world away!!! Love judi

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