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Ljubljana and Bled: Slovenia Wilderness in Tourist Town

Ugh, I am really falling behind on my blogging. Next time, I am definitely bringing a computer.

Long story short:

The road race was incredible in Salzburg

Venice was every bit as sappy and romantic as I expected/hoped and three days was perfect to see lots of stuff and leave right when the hoards of tourists drive you crazy

We had a hectic border crossing on bus and then by foot and a trek to the station…only to miss our connection, and the last train of the night, by literally thirty seconds.

Charlie and I had an exhaustive search for a hostel in a casino border town of Novo Gorcia and ended up getting a room at a boarding school…with 200 boys. It was 10 pm, they took pity on us. Dinner was impossible to find, so we ate crossiants at an almost closing cafe and bonded with locals.

We finally made it to our destination, Bled, the next day, which is fantastically beautiful. I wanted to swim to the island in the middle of the namesake lake, but it was a little cold. We went for a hike in the gorge instead.

Today we arrived in Ljublijana, at a random hostel tonight before the cool prision hostel tomorrow, then on to Zagreb for the day and an overnight bus to Sarajevo, then Mostar and onto Dubrovnik by Saturday.

I have a ton of entries to write and articles for BnA as well…this area of the world is fantastic, hardly any Americans and lots of great people.

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