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Liberty Triathlon Race Report (Minnesota)

age.jpgAbout a week and a half ago now, Charlie and I raced the Liberty Triathlon in Independence, Minnesota. I wrote this race report then, but am just now posting it – sorry! To read Charlie’s race report, go here.

Charlie welcomed his racing return to the Midwest and had the fastest bike time by 4 minutes, and won the overall olympic-distance race. I was 12 out of the women. There were around 80 guys and 50 women. As you can tell by the times, this was not a fast course.

1 Charles Warner 25:55 2:07 1:04:58 24.0 1:05 43:45 7:03

12 Courtney Ries 30:15 2:19 1:21:36 19.1 1:25 52:46 8:30

For all of your MN-racing people, this was a new race, in its second year, and is probably not one I’d recommend. It could have been due to the not-so-great weather, but it was a really subdued and non-exciting vibe, even for the half-ironman finishers. Crazy murky and choppy swim, day-before-race changed bike course with 12+ turns and a half-ironman running at the same time, decent uphill/downhill out-and-back run.

I had major issues with the (warm!) open water swim – too many bouys of various colors and sizes, a fishing boat that wandered into the middle of the course before the start, lots of wake, my general poor sense of direction, etc. I spent my 30 minutes thinking about how much warmer the water was than at Pac Crest and wondering if Charlie was still irritated that we were putting aero bars on my bike one hour before the start instead of warming up.

For the ride, my borrowed bike worked great, even with the evil headwinds, 52 chain ring and rolling hills (there was a lot of spinning going on). My run was in line with what I usually do – some steep and gradual uphills in the first 3 miles heading out on a bike path. I was passed by 6 or so women, yet again proving that I need to have a better lead off of the bike!

I know the report is a little on the light side – hopefully I’ll have a better one (with an awesome result to go with it!) after this weekend’s Pacific Crest Half Ironman!

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