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Lake Ohrid Pearls on the Perfect Day

I don’t have a set idea of a perfect travel day. However, every once and awhile they pop up, and today was one of them.

After setting off from the computer, I found myself a spot near the lake and had a coffee and read for about an hour. Now, this lake is huge….more 30 km lengthwise and probably just as wide across. In the sun, it was the best fall weather – 70 degrees and fantastic in the sun, with just a bit of the chill when you or the sun went into the shadows.

I slowly dragged myself up and mosed around the lake for awhile, wandering into a shop that sells Lake Ohrid’s pearls.

Now, around town, there are a lot of places selling Lake Ohrid pearls. However, the prices seemed too good to be believed and the quality was dubious. The woman at the shop confirmed my suspiscions – most Lake Ohrid pearls are made of glass and plastic and there are only two authentic shops in town, and pulled out the counterfits for inspection. Having browsed the other vendors, I knew she was telling the truth and bought a few pairs of earrings at three times the price, but three times the quality as well.

I kept strolling around the cobblestone streets until I reached a fantastic Orthodox church from the 13th century and found my host’s daughter inside. The curator and her translated the history of the interior for me and after taking my leave of them, I sat outside, again by the lake, and read for another two hours, finishing the historical novel I picked up in Venice (The Birth of Venus…awesome story and highly recommended).

Languid and feeling like a satisfied cat in the sun, I wandered around the old city for another two hours, along the old city walls and into another church, watching men cut firewood, women hang paprikas (peppers) for drying and canning for winter and half of dozen people with huge sacks of grapes, pressing them through a homemade vinting press. I swear I traveled only a mile in that whole time before returning back to the apartment where I am staying to chat with Petra’s granddaughter and two daughters.

I know that this is a boring entry, but really, today was just a fantastic day. It’s amazing what sun, water and a good book can do. Now, to find a restaurant that can provide me a meal to match it….

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