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Gas Prices in Portland = Ridiculous

So last week, with the skyrocketing gas prices, my low tank and the fact I needed to be riding more anyway, I put off filling up my tank.

Alas, yesterday I had to break down.

To fill a little more than 13 gallons, it cost me $40.50. $40. I’m in shock. I’ve never, ever paid $40 worth of gas into my tank. It’s seriously depressing. I vow to bike to work as long as it’s nice from here on out. It’s a little more difficult logistically, but the actual on-the-road time is only about 5 minutes longer on a bike, and it’s much more enjoyable…

And no, as far as my lofty workout list goes, I did not make it. My Saturday was hampered by a number of bizarre bike issues, so Charlie and I skipped the second ride, turning it into a 1 hour run, 2 hour ride, 1 hour run. Yesterday’s rain convinced us that an hour-long swim would be a good enough recovery. What’s up this week? More of the same. I’ve got an epic week at work and I’m hoping to match it with my workouts. I don’t expect there to be time for much else besides that!!!

Monday – 1 hour commute time, 30 minute run, 1 hour lift, 1 hour pilates/core
Tuesday – 40 minute commute, 1 hour swim, 2 hour ride
Wednesday – 2 hour run in Forest Park OR TT at Sauvie’s Island
Thursday – 1 hour swim, 30 min commute, 1:30 ride OR 1 hour swim, 30 min commute and 1:30 run
Friday – 1 hour lift
Saturday – 6 hour ride to/from Multnomah Falls (weather dependent!)
Sunday – 1 hour recovery swim

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