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Fourth of July Recap

Mom at Rose GardenWhat a boring title. Really. Who wants to read about what I did this weekend? Because I don’t have the time/energy/effort to write something even slightly witty about my past four days, I’m better just writing something really quick and relatively painless so I can get excited to cross another thing off my to-do list (you think I’m joking, but really…I’m not).

I spent Friday afternoon and Saturday with my mother, taking in the Rose Gardens, the farmer’s market and the Saturday market. After she left at 6 a.m. on Sunday, Charlie and I watched the Tour de France (managing to fall asleep with 10 kilometers to go, thus missing the sprint) and picked blueberries out at Sauvie’s Island. I think that we’ve already eaten half of ’em!

For the Fourth, we headed to a few BBQs and watched the fireworks from atop an office building. A fantastic way to end the nice long weekend!


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