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Eastern Europe Countries – Where I’m Going

It’s a done deal – I’ve bought my ticket to Eastern Europe!

I’m heading out on Saturday, Sept. 2 and arrive in Helsinki, Finland in Sunday, Sept. 3.

I head back to the states on Sunday, Oct. 29, leaving Warsaw, Portland, and arrive in Portland on Monday, October 30.

So far, the plan is to something kinda/sorta/maybe like this:

Helsinki, Finland
Tallinn, Estonia
Riga, Latvia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Warsaw, Poland
Prague, Czech Republic
Munich, Germany
Salzburg, Austria
Venice, Italy
Ljubjana, Slovenia
Zagreb, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sarajevo, Bosnia
Tirana, Albania
Skopje, Macedonia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Belgrade, Serbia
(if I have time – Bucharest, Romania)
Budapest, Hungary
Bratislava, Slovakia
Krakow, Poland
Warsaw, Poland

Yes, I do indeed realize there are a hell of a lot of countries/stops there. And no, I probably won’t visit some of them.

And – quickly – before someone tells me to pick three places and spend two months there, getting to know the people, living life, becoming one with the culture, etc., let me tell you – I don’t want to do that. That’s not for me, for this trip. For this adventure, I’m going for the ‘lets see a lot of things and go a lot of places’ whirlwind. Hopefully, I’ll discover a stop or two along the way that really grabs me and that I can see myself spending significant time there again in the future.

Anyway, if you have any connections, ARE a connection, or simply have some good recommendations relating to any of the above listed cities/countries/areas, lemme know…I’m always looking for some good insider advice!

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5 responses to “Eastern Europe Countries – Where I’m Going”

  1. Joe Ehrlich says:

    I didn’t see Turkey on that list.

  2. Kelly says:

    Court, I met some cool folks in Budapest and Ljublijana that maybe I could introduce you to, and I def have recommendations for Venice, Prague, Slovenia, Croatia and Poland. Let me know if I can be of any help!

  3. funchilde says:

    congrats! i know you’ve been wanting to do this for a good long time! Do you and travel the way you want to. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  4. Donovan says:

    57 day/20 countries = 2.85 without travel time. You’re nuts, but I wish you luck! If you make ths entire itinerary, I will buy you dinner in Portland.

  5. Kayna says:

    I’m heading to Europe in early May from Portland. I’ll fly in and out of Amsterdam and at some point end up in Prague and Krakow. Everything in between is still the stuff of dreams, any suggestions? I’m thinking of a half marathon in Luxembourg then??? Something in Germany and Austria, any suggestions?

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