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Dachau – Munich’s Ugly Attraction

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Hey guys, BnA suffered a server crash yesterday and most of my recent entries have been wiped out. Some of the intros have been recovered via Google and Yahoo caches, but I am not sure if I will duplicate them. On that note, if, for some random reason you have any of my entries from the past month in RSS with the full text and could email them to me at Court at BootsnAll dot com, I would be very appreciative. Until then, here is the latest entry:

As I passed through the wraught iron doors with the German inscription, ‘Work Makes You Free’, I wondered to myself, what do the German people who live in Dachau think about being known as the place where the first concentration camp was built? Munich has largely escaped its dirty past as Nazi HQ, ecillpsed by the boisturous Oktoberfest, but what about Dachau? I don’t think that name will ever be viewed in a positive light.
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