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Camping on the Coast

I’m looking for camping suggestions for this weekend, preferably near the coast because, well, I’ve barely been there. I haven’t been camping in Oregon for almost two years…definitely time to get out and about and this weekend would be great for it. Got some good things to recommend?


4 responses to “Camping on the Coast”

  1. Donovan says:

    Oswald State Park, just south of Cannon beach. Wonderful and wooded.

  2. Jessie says:

    As you might expect, I’m not much for camping, but my favorite beach in all of Oregon is at Manzanita. Favorite beach town, too. There’s no boardwalk, no shopping malls, just beach and a couple cute restaurants. Love it.

  3. NoPoGirl says:

    Beverly Beach State Park is great too. If you want to camp on the Coast this weekend, you should make a reservation NOW. The State Parks fill up quickly on summer weekends.

    Given how hot it is going to be, maybe you should go to the mountains! 🙂

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