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Bike Crashes and Nerves

I was reading up on the OBRA listserve today – because I get it emailed in digest form, sometimes I’m a little slower with the news.

One of the big discussions was in regards a race I had planned on doing a few days ago, on Sunday. My early flight to Alabama, however, prevented me from going. The race was a criterium, meaning a course less than a mile in length, but is widely considered a good ‘beginning course’ with only a few corners.

Unfortunately, crit racing can still be very scary – especially in a novice field where people tend to be a little heavy on the brakes (including myself).

I don’t know the exact situation of what caused the crash, but there was a nasty pile up in the Women’s Cat 4 race (the category I’m in). Three girls (at least) ended up at the hospital. One had a sprained ankle/bad bruising, another had a broken collarbone and will probably need surgery to insert a titanium rod, and another had a skull fracture and broken arm. All were wearing their helmets, which prevented further injury.

Although I don’t think I know any of them personally, women’s racing is small and I’m definitely thinking of them.

Still, it doesn’t make me excited to race a crit anytime soon.

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