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Another Birthday on the Road – San Fran Style

The Pack AttacksI have this thing with celebrating my birthday when I’m away from home…not because I plan it that way, but because there is a series of events that requires me to skip the celebration with my friends.

This year, I headed out to San Fran for my friend’s wedding…however, that wasn’t before partying it up the night before, starting with some bike racing fun.

I headed out to the Portland Twilight Crit around 6 with Charlie. There, we met up with Chris and Jess. Chris was racing the Masters race at 7. He was having a great time until the very last lap…going around 25 mph, his brake locked up and he went head over heels into a corner and got a little roughed up.

Chris and his Boo BooHowever, that issue aside, it was a great night. Charlie raced the Pro/1/2 event and I wandered around with some of my friends, screaming and taking pictures and, eventually, drinking beer.

Thanks to the beer-sniffing and always knowledgeable Bob, we headed out after the race to a McMenamins I never knew existed, on Market Street.

All together, there were about 30 of us…slightly too big to take to a McMenamins, but we never would have fit into the bar at the Heathman or Higgins (or, for that matter, be allowed in, considering many of the people had just raced and looked – or smelled – a little more unsavory than their usual clientele.

After a bedtime at 2 – and a wake up alarm at 4 – I made it to the chaotic airport a little more than an hour before my flight. The lines to check bags were MASSIVE as a result of the London terrorist threats and subsequent ban on all liquids. I lucked out, however, and after five minutes in line, they made a last call for my flight, and took my bag. Security, on the other hand, was quick and painless. I didn’t ask for a ‘birthday upgrade’ to first class 🙂

Alli, Lynda and CourtAt 8, I arrived in SFO and was retrieved by my good friend and co-hort in Amsterdam, Alli. We made our way to Palo Alto and had plenty of time to spare after breakfast and coffee to make it to the 11 a.m. wedding at Stanford where our friend from high school, Lynda, was married.

The ceremony was, of course, beautiful. That night we returned to Palo Alto and drank with the happy couple, their parents, and the college contingent of their friends at the Stanford Park Hotel, making it back to San Fran the next morning.

Sunday was spent having lunch with my cousin Lauren and her fiancee Doug, who were up from L.A. for another wedding, and taking on Alcatraz Island with Alli and my friend from college, Matt. Matt had worked on Alcatraz as an intern 5 or so years ago and had recently returned to the city to start law school.

Operating RoomHe worked his connections and was able to get us into see the hospital, which is closed off to the public, and a part of many of the scenes in the awesome action flick, The Rock.

After the tour and dinner, I enjoyed a glass of wine with Matt from the label Deux Amis, which uses grapes from his family’s vineyard and then headed to sleep. I caught the first flight back to Portland the next day and am focusing on sleep for the next few days!

Sorry this wasn’t the most exciting entry, but hey, at least you got to see some pictures! It was definitely an awesome 24th celebration.

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