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This past weekend was the fantastic NRC race, Mt. Hood Classic. I did not do it, but if you want to read a Cat-4 women’s account, check out Eryn’s blog.

At the RaceSince the crit race on Saturday is notoriously hard – and fast – I decided to ride on out to Hood River to watch ’em, and catch a ride back. Unfortunately, there is no good way to get to Hood River on a bike in Oregon, which meant spending about 13 miles on the interstate. Although crossing two very scary bridges to get to Hwy. 14 in Washington wouldn’t have been fun either, I’m not sure I’ll repeat the whole freeway experience. After we arrived, Charlie and I wandered around town, drank some beers, yelled loudly and generally thanked the stars that we weren’t racing.

Tonight it’s my first attempt at the Mt. Tabor Series – sure to be hampered by my silly decision to lift on Monday night. At least I’m volunteering so my entry will be free!

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