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A City I Like! Sofia, Macedonia

Another boring travel day for blog readers, although I enjoyed it just fine.

Last night I hung out with a Swiss guy, the American named Courtney, and an Australian. We did dinner at a local ‘American-style’ chain restaurant, and then visited an Irish bar (you can find those all over the world) near the hostel.

Today, I wandered around the city and visited a few churches, a museum, and checked out the local handicrafts, where I bought a couple gifts. Dinner was at the vege restaurant downstairs and I forsee some hostel hanging out tonight.

The most interesting thing of the day –

Almost everyone here has come from Belgrade via the train…and they have all been delayed for a few hours at the border where the customs officers come and tear apart the train, looking (and finding) tons of contraband ciggarettes – at least a thousand cartons each time! However, that doesn’t stop people from putting in random bags in carriages, and people strapping them to their bodies. Each of the last three trains that have come in – this has happened. Maybe it is just the cost of doing business?

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