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Biking in Colorado

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Charlie and I just returned from a two-week vacation to Colorado to ride our lovely bicycles. Our 6-day ride that he helped to guide I just hoped to survive took us from Breckenridge to Mt. Princeton to Gunnison to Peonia to Leadville to Aspen to Breckenridge (in some order like that) and went over 8 mountain passes, the highest of which was 12,095 ft and took me a wonderful 2 hours and 42 minutes to climb over 19 miles (ugh!). The air definitely gets a little thinner when you hit 10,000 ft.

The trip itself was fantastic, although my knee was giving me the expected trouble. The most beautiful day took us through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, which had barely any traffic and breathtaking views the whole way.

Next us is a site relaunch for work, so I’ll be swamped for the next two weeks. The nice thiing about summer is there is always something to look forward to right around the corner and in this case it’s LA in a month.