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Gas Prices in Portland = Ridiculous

Monday, May 8th, 2006

So last week, with the skyrocketing gas prices, my low tank and the fact I needed to be riding more anyway, I put off filling up my tank.

Alas, yesterday I had to break down.

To fill a little more than 13 gallons, it cost me $40.50. $40. I’m in shock. I’ve never, ever paid $40 worth of gas into my tank. It’s seriously depressing. I vow to bike to work as long as it’s nice from here on out. It’s a little more difficult logistically, but the actual on-the-road time is only about 5 minutes longer on a bike, and it’s much more enjoyable…
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The Lull

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

It’s weeks like this that I really have to wonder, why do I do this again? I’m not too sore but my mucles are definitely tired after only two days. Eek. Ah, that’s right. That’s why I do this…so next time I have a heavy week, I won’t be!

Breakdown thus far:
Swim: 1 hour (2500 yards. Yes, I’m slow)
Bike: 2:15 (30ish miles, includes commute time to work, lazy ride to PIR and ‘Couve)
Run: 35 minutes (4 miles home at lunch)

Swim: None
Bike: 1:15 (13ish miles, Couve-work commute, work-home commute)
Run: 1:30 (9 miles. Ouch.)

Swim: 1 hour (2500 yards. Yep, no faster than Tuesday)
Bike: 15 min to work (2 miles) – after work ride through cemetary and to the track if anyone is interested!!! Approx. 1:30
Run: None

Friday: 1 hour EZ ride or 35 min run
Saturday: Brickhouse! 1 hour run, 2 hour ride, 45 minute run, 1:30 ride, 30 minute run…all at Forest Park/Skyline OR 10 mile TT, 3 mile run, 10 mile TT, 3 mile run, 10 mile TT, 3 mile run, 10 mile TT, 3 mile run, 10 mile TT, 3 mile run…all at Sauvie’s Island or Vancouver Lake. In theory. Basically, a minimum 4 hour workout on Saturday followed by lots and lots of food. Again, invites to whomever is interested.
Sunday: 2-3 hour ride
Monday: 1:30 run…and yoga.

All this, just so I can eat more. Man, someone has to hurry up and invent that magic pill already!!!

The Power Lunch

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
I've been pretty skimpy on my workouts so far this year...not feeling well, not having a lot of time, not motivated, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately, Pacific Crest is only 7 weeks away, which means I a) need to register ... [Continue reading this entry]